Leave your guide at home and take our hand…

It’s great to wander through an unknown city, searching for that special little shop, or that cozy artisan bar where they tap the best Belgian beers. But time passes by quickly and there’s so much to do! Wouldn’t it be great to be guided by the cool people who know the city best? Who can show you it’s secrets, and unknown hot spots? Great right! That’s what The Dominican & the City stands for. Together with our local colleagues and friends we take you on an unforgettable journey through our beloved city, and we might open up some secret doors in our hotel as well…

How it works

With The Dominican & the City we assure you to discover new places and experience memorable moments. Start your day in an emerging start-up, followed by all these small creative boutiques, through historic gems with an unusual story, and from fabulous knickknacks and unexpected outings to mouthwatering eats. All entirely tailored to your personal program of course. Add The Dominican & the City to your booking, and we’ll start collecting the best spots, treasures and gifts right away. And to make the experience even more exciting, we won’t reveal it’s contents until you check in. Just click the button below to book The Dominican & the City and get ready for an unexpected adventure.

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