Cookie policy

A new law, the Telecom Act (Telecomwet), was introduced on 1 June 2012. As a result of this act all websites are legally obliged to inform the user about cookies and to ask permission for their use. The Carlton websites makes use of cookies.

Cookies are small data files that remember your preferences while you are surfing and store them on your own computer. A cookie does not store your name, address, age and personal details. It only remembers preferences and interests based on your surfing behaviour.

www.carlton.nl, www.banksmansion.nl, www.carltonbeachclub.nl, www.thedominican.be and www.bijzonderefeestdagen.nl uses the following kinds of cookies:

Functional cookies

Necessary cookies: we use cookies so that you can surf the sites properly. Carlton has installed the ‘Add this widget’ for this.

Cookies for website statics

We use a web analytics package (Google Analytics) to analyse which pages are visited the most, which browser is used for surfing (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), what screen resolution you have, etc. We make improvements to our sites on the basis of these data. These data are stored anonymously and therefore cannot be traced back to you. They are only used to analyse your visit to our site.

Cookies for advertisements

These are doubleclick cookies and have the following purpose:

  • To serve out the advertisement (on time, place, browser, etc).
  • To prevent irritation. To take account of the frequency with which an advertisement is shown, sometimes called frequency/family cap.
  • To make reports for the advertisers (unique area).

These doubleclick cookies are known as third party cookies.

Cookies of external parties

We use Tripadvisor, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social media on our site. We find that it is practical and useful to place reviews and give the option to write reviews on e.g. Tripadvisor or Facebook on our sites. In turn we analyse the click behaviour of these external parties.

If you switch cookies off on a computer or browser, they are only switched off for the computer and browser on which you do this. If you use several computers and/or browsers, you should repeat this action as often as necessary.

Switching off cookies:

Only switching off advertising cookies:

If you do not want third-party cookies, you can switch them off with the opt-out option on ‘Your online choices’.

At the moment the precise implementation of the Telecom Act is still very unclear. The Netherlands Public Broadcasting (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep, NPO) is still looking into how it intends to actually implement this act.

Legal disclaimer

Although Carlton Hotel Collection maintains this website with the greatest possible care, certain information may cease to be current or accurate after some time. Visitors to the site are not entitled to derive any rights from its contents.

Carlton Hotel Collection accepts no liability for information on any website or webpage to which this site (www.carlton.nl) refers. The graphic material presented on this site (including photographs) may not be multiplied and/or published by print, photocopy, fax, typing over or storage in an automated database. If required, you may request permission using the information form.


Should you have any questions or need more information, please send an email to  or call +31 (0)30 241 56 55.


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